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Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi is an Italian photographer based in Milan. 

Through the lens of her camera, she weaves captivating narratives in the world of fashion, drawing inspiration from graphic design elements and crafting each image with an unwavering commitment to elegant composition. 

Her work is a visual journey that marries fashion, storytelling, and artistry, inviting viewer to step into a realms where every frame narrates a tale of style, creativity, and timeless elegance. 


On her creative journey, she collaborated with the Superstudio Group, working alongside Gisella Borioli as a photo editor and co-director in the creation of Flavio Lucchini's new personal museum. Her recent projects include collaborations with magazines like Musée Magazine, Flash Art, Collectible DRY Magazine, and Nova Express.

Currently, in addition to her photography, she is actively involved in production at Partner Films.



2017 | The 57th Triennial of Italian Photography | Venice 

2022 | Collateral Photography 2022 | Fondazione Luciana Matalon | Milan

2023 | Paths of Thought | Superstudio | Milan


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